Rudy Hlawatsch: World Masters Games Update

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Sprint Qualifier yesterday [Sunday] at Auckland University Campus in Epsom for me went well considering it was the most difficult orienteering sprint race I’ve ever participated in in a Masters Competition - this is my fifth Masters Event that has included sprints, and this is the first of its type to be held in NZ. The campus buildings here provided for some very highly detailed map reading and testing of navigation skill - all the while your legs are moving - rapidly!

My placing was 28th and I qualified for the A Final.

The final Sprint race today [Monday] started in Albert Park in Central Auckland then moved to the City University. Once again - lots of buildings making for a very tricky run. Made a mistake on 2 control stations toward the end of the course and got a placing of 45th. There was quite a large number of participants in my group not completing their course , either by way of a 'mis-punch' [not getting all the controls or getting in the correct order] or by simply pulling out of the race.

The carnival atmosphere at both events was electric and the weather today perfect!

Tuesday is a rest day and the next events are the long distance qualifiers in Woodhill on Wednesday and Thursday.