Subdivision Feasibility

At Land Partners, we are specialists in all aspects of subdivision – from 2-lot infill subdivisions right through to larger, more complex developments.

Big or small, we recognise that any sized subdivision is likely to be a daunting experience. Which is why our team of expert planners, surveyors and engineers are able to visit your site and prepare an easy-to-understand, comprehensive subdivision feasibility report that gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision before committing to any work.


The Site Feasibility Includes

  • A draft subdivision design for your property
  • The district plan rules
  • The site specific zoning
  • Indicative scheme plan
  • Stormwater/Wastewater/Sewer connections
  • Power/Water/Phone connections
  • Vehicle access
  • The subdivision process and how Land Partners can help you navigate through it easily
  • Your section value and anticipated financial return
  • Project funding and finance options
  • A detailed breakdown of all subdivision costs associated with subdividing your section from the design, consent and development stages
  • The next steps

our expertise

Subdivision Feasibility

First things first. Our team of planners, engineers and licenced surveyors will complete a full assessment of your property and provide you with a detailed feasibility report. This includes a subdivision scheme plan design, assessment of the current unitary plan rules, storm water and wastewater reticulation, vehicle access, services, and a project cost estimate.

Council Consents

It's no secret that some of the biggest delays in any project can be of the red-taped variety. Subdivision and land development projects typically require Land Use Consents and Subdivision Consents for the subdivision process, followed by engineering approvals and Building Consents. Our engineering and planning team are experienced at working with Auckland Council to achieve your requirements and will prepare all of the required documentation for the relevant consents. We strive to make this process as streamlined as possible.

Site Construction

After Council consents have been obtained, we can tender the construction phase to get the best price and quality for your site. Site construction generally includes earthworks and the preparation and installation of services, creating access ways, drainage, utilities and often construction of retaining walls.

Title Preparation

Before a housing or commercial subdivision can be sold or developed, our surveyors produce a survey plan to show a property's legal boundaries, areas and dimensions. Auckland Council certifies the plan to verify that the requirements have been met and as licenced surveyors we lodged with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for approval.

Titles Issued

LINZ deposits the survey plan as a legal document, cancels the existing title and issues a new title record for each new piece of land shown on the deposited plan. Once this process has been completed, you are able to sell and develop your new properties.

Building on Section

Land Partners and its associated company ‘Build Partners’ are passionate about maximising value for our clients. For more information about our Design & Build options, click here.

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