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Dairy Flat - Lifestyle Block Development

The reality of property development means that a client can’t always be on site to check on progress. This is where trusting a company such as Land Partners to get the job done is crucial – as was the case in this Dairy Flat subdvision.

Out here, the old highway north still meanders through green hills and farmland. The sections are sizable, and local knowledge goes a long, long way. This last point was particularly important for two reasons. The client was actually very experienced in property development, but only overseas – having worked as a Quantity Surveyor on subdivisions in Asia. Also, he now lived in the South Island. This project needed to be managed independently.

This is where Land Partners excels. With so much collective experience, there really is little they haven’t encountered. The brief included a survey of the undulating and bush clad property as well as the installation of large amounts of boundary fencing throughout its ups and downs. And the subdivision also had to be completed without impacting the existing residents on site. All successfully achieved.

Often, it’s just as much about taking things away as it is building them. In the first topographical survey at Kennedy Road, an existing septic field was identified and moved to allow the subdivision to occur. In doing so, the Land Partners team were able to create an additional lot. There was also a barn that required removal – this was coordinated without fuss or delay.

The project was completed successfully, with the client pleased that the Land Partners team had managed it seamlessly – clearly not lost on someone who had worked in the industry himself.