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Subdivide & Build - Mt Roskill


For the owners of a corner section in Subritsky Ave, Mt Roskill, things initially looked more like a headache than an opportunity when they sought to subdivide and build a new home. Thanks to its small size and the position of a large Macrocarpa tree in the front yard, other companies were simply unable to provide confidence that it could be done.

That’s until they met with the Property Partners team. “Dealing with Matt from Property Partners was just fantastic!” recalls the client. “They were able to give us a detailed subdivision feasibility report – with all the necessary costs and steps to get started.” The client also received further peace of mind with the Property Partners fixed build turn-key design & build pricing.

From day 1, it was Land Partners’ experience and commitment to client-focused solutions came to the fore. By plotting and constructing a retaining wall between the existing and new houses, a major obstacle was eliminated. And when Council required a costly stormwater disposal option, they found a more efficient and affordable way forward.

The site certainly presented challenges – but by delivering pinpoint accurate measures, excellent communication and best practice methods throughout, they were overcome. The result was not just a liveable footprint, but – with the expertise of the Design Partners team – a stunning modern dwelling that maximised its space beautifully.

Design Partners did plenty of outside the box thinking, using the contour of the section to maximum effect. Their clever techniques have created a real sense of interior space and a structure that blends so well with its surrounds – never looking cramped or out of place. “We often get comments about the design of the house - I have told many people that it was Design Partners who were our architects. We are very pleased”.

For this happy client, what began as a headache is now head and shoulders above expectations – delivered on time and budget thanks to the seamless partnership of each stage. “It’s excellent! They have designed the house a lot better than I thought it would have been. People also comment on how the designers have really made the most out of a small section. We are really happy and I would recommend the team to anyone else who are thinking of subdividing”.