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Subdivision & Build - Ellerslie


In an established and often geographically challenging suburb like Ellerslie, you want to be sure that your project is in good hands. Thankfully for the owner of these two grand old ladies in Ladies Mile, he enlisted the Land Partners team. 

This particular client had owned these two old villas for more than 30 years – long before land values round here were nearly as fashionable as today. The two existing homes already had a driveway running between them and the plan was to continue that down to three new sections at the rear of the property.

At this point it’s important to understand that in this part of Ladies Mile, and on this side of the road, the land slopes down from the street. This was the first challenge. The second head-scratcher was a watercourse running through the rear of the site. And further investigation revealed a large amount of rock that would need to be broken up on site. All this on top of the usual subdivision procedures.

Starting with the water issue, Land Partners’ engineers designed a cost-effective piping and filling solution that more than met the council’s creek and fish requirements while keeping the project on track. They then used their industry contacts to hit the jackpot – partnering with a nearby earthworks project to remove 400 truckloads of earth for free! This, along with breaking up the rocks on site, helped to fill and level the three lots – immediately increasing their value.

And the most importantly outcome? A happy client. In fact, it exceeded his expectations, going beyond what he thought was possible for the property – both in terms of monetary returns and the design of the sites for the lucky new owners.