Small Site Erosion and Sediment Control Pays Off

Friday, April 26, 2019

At Build Partners company culture is very important to us. Not only do our Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers and Site Managers set themselves high standards, we also expect the same for our sub-contractors and any site that we manage.

The building industry has struggled over the years to accept the many simple ways which small building sites can manage erosion and sediment control, and this has led to frustrations by not only Auckland Council compliance staff, but local residents too.

We make sure that our cultural value of Respect is reinforced in the way that we manage silt on our work sites.We take pride in our work, and pride in our sites so ensure that the sites are clean and tidy, and protected from erosion and silt run off.

We find that managing our sites well makes our lives easier, keeps our equipment and materials cleaner, it saves money, and instils the same values in our tradesmen.

One of the easiest ways to manage our sites is to make sure they are stabilised early, and we do this by laying gravel across finished levels, or completing and sealing carriageways.For only a small additional cost we can then make sure we have minimal dust generation on site, our work areas are clean and tidy, and we keep our trucks from tracking dirt down our roads.

Our site at Asquith Ave, Mt Albert has certainly been a challenge with its lava caves and archaeological sites, but despite that we have kept a tidy site throughout the project.We use simple cesspit protection devices to prevent any silt getting into the stormwater system, and use silt fences around small areas that aren’t stabilised. If we have made any damage to the road berms we also quickly repair them, and top them with topsoil and grass seed.

Our projects progress quicker this way as we obtain approval from Auckland Council inspectors and are not held up in tidying the site – or in costly cesspit cleaning and flushing exercises.

Not only does a tidy site prevent environmental damage, it allows everyone involved, including the client and community, to feel pride in the way that the community is developing.