40 Lot Integrated Subdivision – Mt Albert, Auckland project 1

40 Lot Integrated Subdivision – Mt Albert, Auckland

A high profile site that had been sitting empty for some time, Land Partners were engaged as the engineers and surveyors to the project to develop this existing site into 40 new lots. 20 of which will be retained by Housing New Zealand with the remaining 20 lots being sold to private ownership.

Our team were engaged to undertake all civil site works including civil engineering and survey work to achieve 40 new certificates of title. This project allowed all companies within our group to work together. Land Partners providing engineering and surveying, Design Partners amending the initial design to meet our clients requirements and Build Partners constructing both the civil works and the construction of 20 new one bedroom units. The civil site works are now well underway with house construction scheduled to start in April this year. We expect the senior LCS (surveyor) to be applying for the new titles later this year.

This project shows our team at its best all working together seamlessly to move a project forward as one although it has so many complex moving parts!