News release - 26 Volante Avenue project 1

26 Volante Avenue

The team are delighted to have received engineering sign off for our latest social housing project in Manurewa. This project has been a comprehensive solution from Land Partners where we have provided surveying, planning, civil engineering, traffic and CCTV contractor management for this three lot brownfields subdivision. We have helped the client through the scheme plan development, analysing the stormwater and wastewater needs of the site, and how best to get access to the rear houses. Our staff then prepared the resource consent application and completed all engineering design, obtained consents from Auckland Council and completed the surveying for the new titles.

We have worked closely with the client and their contractors, giving them step by step advice throughout the civil construction works to make sure that the infrastructure installed on site meets Council’s requirements. It has certainly worked as these approvals were processed very quickly by Auckland Council, enabling new families to move in straight away which is very exciting. Thanks to the team at #Auckland Council for helping us get this over the line so quickly this close to Christmas. It has been a pleasure working on this one.

Through working on developments such as this one we have a good system in place for pricing the job, understanding timeframes and client needs, and what is going to work best for the residents.